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Jan. 7th, 2006 @ 03:40 am

which one of the boys from the outsiders will love you? by morelostthananything
do you like fights
the guy that loves you isPonyboy
whyhe loves everything about you
will you get marriedno
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oh well; tis better to have ridden ponyboy and lost than to have never... *is arrested*

your encounter with the characters from The Outsiders by morelostthananything
what do you think of sunsets
Johnny thinks...that you talk to much
Dally wants...to kick you
Darry thinks...You should stay away from Ponyboy
Sodapop wants...to smell your hair
Steve thinks...that you should be a soc
Ponyboy wants...to see you in a bikini
two-bit thinks...that your beautful
you will sleep with...Ponyboy
this many times...77
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THAT is awesome. i get soda sniffing my hair and i get to ride ponyboy again! of course, i will be shagging two-bit on the side. *3*

Which Character from The Outsiders are you? by Heath
Your name is...
and you were born in...March 10, 1958
Your weapon of choice isa switchblade
but you arenever scared to fight
you are...Two-Bit Matthews
Quiz created with MemeGen!

i love it.
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